Baby quilt amid the heat….

It’s been hot here in Silicon Valley, but we have A/C, for which I am so thankful.  I haven’t done any work on the Big Bright Quilt, bunched up on the end of the sofa.  Might tackle it tonight while the Warriors play the Cavaliers, but even with air conditioning, that seems a somewhat toasty task.  Hard to work up the gumption to sit under a blanket when it’s over 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

It was cooler when I hand quilted this little project.  Summer has roared into June, not just here, but all over western America.  I’ll be spending time with relatives over the next few months, my youngest sister and her crew this coming week, grandkids of course, then a family visit to the Midwest, culminating in a long weekend with friends we met in the UK who now call the East Coast home.  By the time I return from that sojourn, I hope to have completed another section of The Hawk, as well as sewing much of the Big Bright Quilt into a cohesive whole.

Yet smaller pleasures are sprinkled amid the bigger plans, and most of those are unknown to me.  I didn’t expect to make this quilt, but it came together with ease, and not only for its diminutive size.  I had the squares, the backing was one piece, and patchwork requires little concentration once the design is sorted.  It was the perfect project and soon will be in a new home awaiting its owner, due in September, by which time autumn will be knocking on the door.

Quilting is like writing, for how it ebbs and flows; getting the Big Bright Quilt to where it now lays over one end of our couch was like starting the last third of my novel, heaving a sigh of relief even if work remains.  The bulk is in the proverbial can, and now with only two parts left, I can see the end, although I’ve been envisioning it for….  Well, more than a year, two years perhaps; it has been a long journey for me, who previously burned through a manuscript in a matter of weeks.  But The Hawk is no ordinary book, nor is this baby quilt dull.  It’s as bright as a much larger comforter, a sea-theme with elephants, namely Babar, as the compliment.  I quilted it diagonally, and the only warm part was the flannel backing.

The Big Bright Quilt is not backed with flannel, but it’s a heavy beast, again similar to The Hawk.  But in bits and pieces, it will be turned into a solidly fixed blanket, just as that lengthy story is closer to reaching The End.   For now, I’ll concentrate on quilts, while Eric, Lynne, Marek, Laurie, Stan, and the rest simmer in my gray matter.  But hopefully in about a week’s time, the writing will be on the wall while basketball winds its way to a season’s conclusion.  Go Warriors!


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