Chapter 203….

It’s taken several days for the rust to be shaken, but as today’s title suggests, I’ve just kept chugging along with The Hawk.  Sort of startling to think I’ve brought this story along this far, but even when chapters were being written as if pulled out through my nostrils, somehow the plot continues to bubble.

If I said the last ten days or so were painful, I’d be hitting the mark.  Sometimes writing happens as if by magic, but not always.

A coaster waiting to be bound.

A coaster waiting to be bound.

However, in addition to furthering this tale, I’ve learned something about myself, both as a writer and a person of faith; keep going regardless of the confusion or the pain.  The words may not seem to make sense, the purpose elusive.  But maybe more than we’d like to think about our lives, our reasons for being here are at times to simply BE.

Two completed place mats....

Two completed place mats….

That’s not glamorous or even personally satisfying.  It’s a quiet, often obscured path, but right now it’s where I’m being led to investigate, through words and scattershot paragraphs that upon further inspection actually seem to make sense.

Obedience does lead to cohesiveness, if one is willing to set aside presumptions.

Amid the random musings of my writerly mind, I finished up the place mats and coasters.  That was a fun project, which was supplemented by hand-quilting on the Big Bright Quilt.  Now I wonder what I got myself into, choosing to hand-quilt that behemoth, but the same could be said for continuing a novel-in-progress that has chalked up over two hundred chapters.  There’s a lot going on in Part 11, so I’m being careful to not overlook plot points.  I know a few will escape my eyes, but that’s what revisions are for.  Yet, I don’t wish this story to get too convoluted, so it’s important to go slowly as not to miss anything.

Binding ready for attachment....

Binding ready for attachment….

That’s what I told myself last week as my fingers plodded along the keyboard like the last thing I wanted was to be seated in front of my computer still telling this tale.  My goodness, isn’t this novel ever going to end?

And now it needs a little hand-sewing to finish it properly.

And now it needs a little hand-sewing to finish it properly.

But as most writers will say, often it’s not up to us.  We’re at the whim of our creative natures which ebb and flow, and when the tide is low, there’s not much to be done other than wait for it to roll back onto the shore.  Sunday and today were good examples of my digits and brain working together.  That was reassuring, not only in recognizing that yes, the tide had come back in, but that when darkness falls, daylight is only hours away.

Clumped in the corner of the sofa, the Big Bright Quilt awaits my attention....

Clumped in the corner of the sofa, the Big Bright Quilt awaits its turn….

Yet it’s more than that; it’s accepting that while the dawn has already risen for some, perhaps for me it’s still invisible.  I need to be patient, I need to just BE.  My previous writing style was ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, here’s a rough draft!  This effort is nothing like that in method or scope of the project.  It’s like comparing place mats to a nearly king-sized comforter, which I can’t fairly do.  Not that one is less important than the other, they merely have different uses.  All I wrote in the past prepped me for this day, but to wring my hands over a still unfinished novel is silly.  Just keep writing is the key, just keep the faith.  Chapter 203 is waiting for tomorrow.  What an amazing chapter I imagine it’s going to be!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 203….

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Lots in this for me to ponder. I do understand that need ‘to BE’. When we were between homes, there was no place to just ‘BE’ ; revealing to me something I had unknowingly taken for granted.

    I especially like the clumped quilt photo…so honest! HA! I’ve gotten to where I leave stuff where it is at the moment I take a snapshot for a quilt in progress (you’ll see some Windex and other cleaning bottles along the floor by quilt-in-progress photos to come in a future post!)

    I scanned your excerpts on later Hawk installments…whoa. I’m wondering if your series is one where I could just pick one and read it without all the before books? BTW: I did read 1 through 3 and almost through 4.

    To even say ‘I’m on chapter 203 of my novel’ is really a show stopper!


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      I find BE-ing might be one of the hardest states to achieve; DO-ing is far easier, but allowing the small still voice to take hold, while difficult, gives greater satisfaction and a truly lasting peace. Here’s to the BE-ing of our lives!

      Oh that quilt, I feel so sorry for it! Only this week has it cooled enough that I even want to work on it. Alas, it appears rather undignified in its clumped state of BE-ing, ha ha….

      As for The Hawk; unfortunately I don’t think someone could dive into the middle of the novel without the backdrop of previous parts. A little heads-up for you; currently I’m writing #11, with one more to go, if you’d just prefer to wait. And I wouldn’t argue if you did choose to let me get my fanny perpendicular back to the chair, HA!



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