Lately it’s been all about healing….

Two weeks ago I had major abdominal surgery; a pesky prolapsed uterus needed to vacate its location along with some other repairs.  I’ve been wanting to get this done for a while now, and my doc had an unexpected cancellation in her busy schedule.  I had about nine days’ notice, and now three weeks on from that, I’m feeling pretty darn well.

Having attached the front of the binding, it was time to complete said task.  And great to snuggle under it as I did so.

Having attached the front of the binding, it was time to complete said task. And great to snuggle under it as I did so.

However, it’s taken a lot from me; no posts since before I went into hospital, as I was too busy getting ready, and afterwards….  Ha ha ha!  That first week I was some other person; debilitated, fuzzy-headed, sore, and wondering what the hell had happened to me.  Now, let me say I chose the abdominal route, but it’s one thing to mentally consider a five-inch incision in one’s gut.  Another thing entirely to experience it.

A nicely mitered corner....

A nicely mitered corner….

However, I am so glad to have had that procedure, especially now that it’s been a fortnight and I’m much improved.  I still can’t lift/carry more than ten pounds, have only drove to the store as of yesterday, and am taking my own sweet time on my daily walks.  But today I was moving around the house at nearly my usual cruising speed, no Tylenol needed.  I even felt like writing, which has fallen way off the charts, not only with this blog.  I haven’t done more on The Hawk than a few minor edits on Part Eight.  I had no idea how healing would impact my mind as well as my body.  It’s been quite a learning curve.

Enjoying it as I sewed....

Enjoying it as I sewed….  The afghan in the top right is one I made for my youngest before she was born!

It’s like stepping into an alternate universe where one’s typical pastimes hold no appeal.  Either I was spent physically or unable to muster the necessary brain cells to do more than play games on my computer or phone.  I did manage some sewing; right before the surgery I attached the binding to the Big Bright Quilt.  I finished that, as well as hand-quilted a December birthday gift project.  It was great to have my huge quilt to snuggle under, I was in dire need of sofa-time.  Also great to have such vivid colours to distract me from the odd sense of not feeling like myself.  For a week, I wasn’t sure who I was….

The final stitch to finish this project, ahhh....

The final stitch to finish this project, ahhh….

It didn’t have to do with a missing internal organ, oddly enough.  That uterus served its purpose well, and am glad to have parted ways with it now while major surgery is still relatively easy to recover from.  What threw me most for a loop was the basic recovery element; managing a thousand steps a day was rough.  Naps were fantastic; usually I wake from them feeling groggy, but when I first got home, I so needed that extra rest.  Taking my first walk, I wondered how I’d ever get back to my average two-mile outing.  I had plenty of in-house help, lots of support from family and friends, and my husband has been an absolute star.  But ultimately, recovery starts and ends with me.  And my goodness, what a couple of weeks it has been.

From last Sunday; coming home from my walk just as the sun was setting.

From last Sunday; coming home from my walk just as the sun was setting.

I’m so blessed to be feeling as well as am, relieved the surgery was a success, and there are still a few weeks until Thanksgiving, not to mention Advent and Christmas.  By mid-December, I’ll have seen my doc for the six-week follow-up, and will hopefully be given the all-clear to pick up a grandchild.  As for writing, we’ll see how that progresses.  I’d had hopes of finishing The Hawk by the end of this year, but I’m so not bothered if that goal slides into 2017.  These past two weeks have taught me a grand lesson in patience with one’s self and gratefulness of good health in general.  I’m not as spry as I used to be, but young enough to return to my usual pace without a prolonged wait.  Healing takes its own road, and I’m glad to be on it, one step at a time….

4 thoughts on “Lately it’s been all about healing….

  1. laura bruno lilly

    All those colorful fabrics and the folds of your quilts (I can feel their softness through the images!) are visual healing elements for me as I read your post.
    I hope you can stay still long enough to heal most thoroughly – ya know?!

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      It is a lovely quilt, finished at just the right time. 😀

      I’ve overdone it once, so have scaled back considerably. So hard to keep relatively still when I ‘feel’ well.



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