The Hawk, Part Ten

A quick break in the sabbatical to announce the latest segment within this series.  This installment is apt for the season, as it starts off right after Christmas.  But more appropriate is its theme, that of love, reconciliation, and forgiveness.  Part Ten is available in all formats exclusively on Smashwords.  Happy Christmas and Hanukkah to all!

4 thoughts on “The Hawk, Part Ten

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Well…now that part 10 is finished I have to say WOW!
    I’m convinced you could market this saga as a traditional format ‘soap box’ series…(that’s a compliment!)

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Yeah, I could easily wring out a sink-full of suds, hee hee. Glad you enjoyed it! Just starting looking over the beginning of part 12, which is the conclusion. Hoping to get back into the writing by the end of the month, yippee!!


  2. laura bruno lilly

    Went right over to Part Ten and because of the season I could easily re-enter the Hawk saga. This is part of my comfort and joy in holiday reading! I plan on continuing with this over the holidays.
    Those caramel slices sound wonderful…are they based on any of your own recipes?

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Yes, a good time to get back into the story. This one has lots of good stuff in it. As for the caramel slices, just one of my fave treats while we lived in Britain. Hope you enjoy this. 😉



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