His and Hers Quilt Walls

A toddler’s handiwork. These are scraps from bindings, which initially were kept with a quilt in mind.

My two-year-old grandson is visiting, and a new activity seems to be slapping triangles on Grandma’s small quilt wall.  My sewing/writing grotto turns into The Burrito’s room when he’s here, and this time he experimented with fabrics and how they stick to batting.

One little boy, however, found a different purpose for them….

Toddlers learn at a stunning rate; I can never anticipate what might be the theme from one visit to the next.  He loves reading books, making roads with blocks for Hot Wheels, and improvising.

Also good in learning one’s colours; he knows purple, orange, and blue.

Letters on the fridge also adhere to the fireplace border.  And an X can easily turn into a wrench when necessary.

The Burrito loves using tools, his imagination far outstripping mine.

I won’t get any editing, or sewing for that matter, accomplished while he’s here.  But that’s not meant to occur during this moment in time.  The agenda is love, learning, and expanding many horizons.  Spring is in the air, time for growth even for a grandmother.

Maybe it will work better from this angle….

4 thoughts on “His and Hers Quilt Walls

  1. lisaeckstein

    That looks like a wonderful activity for a kid, and it’s great that he’s getting an early connection to Grandma’s artwork. Lovely to see things are going well with quilting and grandmothering!


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