A few thoughts upon returning home….

My eldest and her hubby kayaking on the lake….

Our annual Midwestern holiday has come and gone, and while I have a couple of posts in mind, first I need to work up to that sort of mental exercise.  Thankfully there’s no writing to consider, only some revisions and sewing to poke at.  That gives my brain the necessary space to come to terms with being back in my usual environment.  Believe me, I require plenty of time to get back into gear.

I sure love a sunset.

But I do wish to share how precious is the blessing of visiting with family far away, how good is it to be out of the typical routine, and how happy I am to be home, lol.  A successful vacation incorporates all those notions, the last still wafting through my mind.  My husband will get back to work tomorrow, while I tackle laundry, ahem, the final benchmarks that our sojourn is merely a memory.  Many memories, all of them amazing.  My kids grew up with the Midwest as a frequent destination, and now the grandkids are learning the same.

From our last evening; such a treasure.

For twenty-five years I’ve been traveling to see my husband’s sister and her family, enjoying their grand company and all the lake has to offer.  As I often note, time is a funny part of life, in how quickly it passes.  Those two and a half decades feel like minutes, am I truly that much older?  Nietos testify that yes I am, but the lake seems ageless, sunsets glorious in their hues and reliability.  What memories will Little Miss and The Burrito make on these shores, not to mention Lil’ Sis, due in December.  Time will tell, although I might not be around to ascertain those recollections.  Maybe one day they’ll write about their adventures, keeping alive those stories for their grandkids.  For now, I’m reveling in the restorative power of a holiday, and how it winds all through my life.  The sweetness grows, and there’s always room for more.

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