Sunday morning musings….

The current state of the big quilt wall….

Trying to stay cool during the West Coast heat wave, I’ve been hand-quilting a baby blanket, which in itself is a little tricky, because while it’s a small project, it’s flannel-backed, not exactly conducive to lowering temperatures.  But I’m thankful for our A/C, that the power hasn’t gone out, and tasks to keep me busy on this Labor Day weekend.  Plenty of sewing to sort, The Hawk to consider, as well as random thoughts flitting in and out of my brain.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the responsibility of writers, but it’s quite a daunting subject, and fabric and revising keep getting in my way, ha ha.  I’m about to start editing Part Twelve of The Hawk, and once that’s done, I’ll be ready to jump back into the writing.  This morning as I sewed, I thought about a quote I saw on a church’s sign in my neighborhood, and how that relates to Eric’s current dilemma.  Which then brought me to thinking about Marek, who Eric has been avoiding, which in turn puts me here at my computer, hoping to translate that essence with as much grace as I am able.  (Then hopefully I’ll remember to open the manuscript and note this idea, ahem….)  The quote was as such:  There is no fear in submitting to a love that would die for you.  I had hoped to snap a picture of the sign, but the light turned green before I could, so I ran that sentence through my head the rest of my drive home, then wrote it down.  Yesterday I saw it again, and I got it right, which was a relief.  And now again this morning I’m thinking about it, and how it very well might guide what happens in Part Thirteen.

As I ponder the last section of this novel, I’m a little hesitant in how to wrap up all the loose ends.  There’s also the bittersweet notion of saying goodbye to these characters, as well as excitement for what follows. Not only in the noveling, but another granddaughter due in December, hehehe.  But first comes the completion of a very long tale that has evolved into something far more complex than what I initially envisioned.  Faith has been tightly woven through this saga, and while other notions emerge, if pressed I’d have to say that clemency is probably the main theme.  Or at least in this last section, the acceptance of mercy is what I hope to emphasize.  It’s going to be what Eric and Klaudia both have to grapple with, and I pray that I get it right.  Yes, I pray about the noveling, because I require all the guidance I can get, especially when dealing with an extended story.  I want to do right by these characters, by my readers, and by what is being claimed within the words.  That’s part of the great responsibility an author faces, but more about that another day.

For now, I’ll make some notes at the end of the document, then see how those ideas wiggle their way into future chapters.  My plan is to start writing in a couple of weeks, hopefully wrapping things up around Thanksgiving.  By then this heatwave will be a faint memory, but the quote which prompted this post will remain dear to my heart, as well as considered between a pastor and an artist.  May it bring peace to your soul as well.

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