Beginning Chapter One

An old train track in Alabama, where in 2011 the seeds of this novel were originally sown….

And I’m off….  Well, it might be the second of November, but today I started writing a new book, haven’t done that in ages!  I completed about half a chapter, although the way the scene finished, it could be deemed a finished chapter, however I want to align this novel to its prequel, and those chapters were more of the 3-5K length.  This morning’s work clocked in at just under 2,000 words, which is about my standard these days.  And while that’s nothing to sneeze at, even exceeding the NANO recommended 1,500 wpd (words per day), my previous output was double what I’m currently producing.  Nor will I be writing daily; hopefully I’ll wrap up Chapter One tomorrow, then Little Miss is staying with us for the weekend.  I’ll return to Heaven Lies Where the Heart Is next week, and go from there.

But briefly I want to note how good it feels writing something new-ish; while the characters are familiar, a few new ones will crop up soon.  Mostly I’m pleased for the change of setting, as well as sneaking in a little first person perspective amid the mostly third person narrative.  Why I wrote the prequel in that manner, I simply don’t recall, but Kendall often speaks his mind, inwardly of course, and capturing that present-tense train of thought is a fun addition to the prose.

My hope is that in writing this novel, I’ll return to The Hawk with renewed creativity.  Not that I plan on adding any first person musing to that story, but when I pick it up again, I want the thrill back.  That has been missing for a while, what I noticed over the last week while mentally figuring out this new story.  I wrote some notes for it yesterday, and how fantastic was it to scribble ideas, changing some, further extrapolating others.  That inventive vibe has sorely been missing from my previous WIP, as well as a sense of, ahem, brevity.  Maybe that’s the key notion I want to take back to Eric, Lynne, and the rest.  Let’s move that novel forward, stop shilly-shallying.  Kendall has no time to waste, and truthfully, neither do I.

Today’s word count: 1,940

2 thoughts on “Beginning Chapter One

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Today’s a new day in NaNoLand…go forth and conquer!
    I, too, have the hardest time FINISHING. I’ve learned sometimes beginning something new (as you are doing) kicks the unfinished WIP past the finish line!


    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      So glad to hear I’m not alone! Was reading a quilt blog this morning about unfinished projects, and felt a wee bit guilty about The Hawk. You’ve alleviated that regret, ta love. 😉



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