A Different Style of Writing

Got these blocks sewn over the last few days; I didn’t want Little Miss to pull them off the big quilt wall in what will be her room….

So much for chapters akin to those of previous.  After reading over yesterday’s output, it seems Chapter One didn’t need anything added to it.  And now, a couple thousand words later, Chapter Two is in the can.  Perhaps I need to face that the way I used to write has permanently changed.  It’s not merely breaking a chapter into two or three days’ worth of writing, but shorter chapters, and more of them.

This is the bottom half, which I’ll sew to the top next week, freeing up space on the big wall just in time to design a Christmas quilt, hehehe….

That’s quite an altered method, and I wonder if it will persist, or once I get past the first part of this story, I’ll turn back into my verbose self and….  I won’t know until that time arrives, and in the interim, chores await; Little Miss will be here in time for her afternoon nap, so this abuela needs to prepare the guest room, run to the store, clean the shower, ahem….  I won’t write until next Monday, but that’s fine, because even if these initial chapters are brief, they are written, whew!  Maybe in this book’s Liner Notes I’ll mention how these two stories differ, the one written five years ago as though I had all the time in the world.  Now there’s more filling those hours, but thankfully the writing is adapting, for which I am most grateful.

Today’s word count: 2,236

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