Still Writing

Safety pins waiting for me to decide how I want to baste this project.

Been a little distracted, but the work continues.  What is gratifying is that even if I only manage half a chapter, the feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming, so I must be on the right track.  When not writing, I’ve been gearing a quilt to completion, having sewn the halves together, fashioned a backing, basting it, and am now in the process of hand-quilting that sandwich.  It’s soothing to do either at the close of day, or early in the morning, as I did this morning, my husband having taken the day off to celebrate his birthday.  While he snoozed, I sewed, the time change tricky for me to acclimate to.  Not that I sleep in much anyways, but….

A longer view…

We went to breakfast, then it was time for me to attempt to wrap up a chapter begun yesterday, interrupted by various taskings.  And quite a bit of thought directed at the church shooting in Texas.  I don’t say much about current events on this blog, yet what happened in Sutherland is hard to write about, for there are many levels of sorrow within my heart.  My prayers go out to the injured and to the families and friends of those killed.

Monday’s word count: 1,083

Today’s word count: 1,473

4 thoughts on “Still Writing

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      If I had a good place to spray baste, I’d give it a go. I have considered the loose thread basting, might try it. 😉

      Today I’m watching one of the grandkids, so hopefully tomorrow the wc will increase!


      1. laura bruno lilly

        Real quick – we live in very tight quarters too…often the best place to do stuff is on the Kitchen floor (it’s vinyl)…lay an old sheet down and spray with all fans on and windows open!!!
        Enjoy the grannies!!!

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