The Lie, A Review

A novella that gripped me from the start, The Lie, by Elizabeth Rowan Keith, is part historical fiction, part heartwarming drama, and very much related to our present, even if the action is set amid the Second World War.  A young woman is suddenly thrust into difficult circumstances, with a child to care for as well, however not all facts are as they seem.

Several themes are explored within this story, that of truth vs fabrication, helping one’s neighbor, as well as personal responsibility.  Yet in Rowan Keith’s tender prose, lessons are subtly weaved as years are stripped away to a time that almost seems antiquated, but for me the message of The Lie is firmly rooted in how these characters support one another.  The lie itself becomes a force for good in an era when honesty was often touted as the best option, but how many falsehoods lingered below the surface?

Profound truths are revealed in this eloquent yet gripping novella, compelling the reader to examine what is most necessary in all facets of existence.  I highly recommend this story, available both in paperback and as an ebook.  I’ll be ordering the print version to accompany my digital copy, so thank you Elizabeth for publishing this intriguing tale in two formats!

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