A Bright Baby Quilt

Sunny view, amid a blustery morning….

While we’re still waiting for Lil’ Sis’ arrival, another bambina is in my thoughts, due in a month’s time.  This little quilt is for that girl, whose mum is a good friend of my youngest daughter.  I completed the hand-quilting a couple of days ago, washing it last night.  It’s very soft yet vivid, perfect for these short days right before the winter solstice, and of course for many years to come.

A more subdued view….

I like me some floral prints, and this blanket is chock-full of them.  I included fabrics decorated with bees, then backed it with an adorable hedgehog flannel I found at Joanns.  It’s bound in Kona Orchid, coordinating with purples scattered amid the hues, also a calm spot in an otherwise busy collections of prints.

Butterflies and bees add to the outdoorsy nature of this comforter.

I’d been collecting these fabrics for a while, and once I knew the gender, went all out for this quilt.  I like how the dark purple pops, as well as the dark pink and the orange.

So dang cute!

As soon as I saw the hedgehogs, I had my backing.  These little creatures were prevalent in England, and are perfect for this quilt.  I still have over a yard, for future projects.

I have some burp cloths ready as well, so fun to add to a couple’s joy.  Plus it reminds me of the nieta that will be joining my family soon, many blessings all round.  Now to pop it in the post, then get to a Christmas quilt, nine rows left to sew….

4 thoughts on “A Bright Baby Quilt

  1. laura bruno lilly

    that hedgehog fabric is a keeper – cute little purple babies. are all the fabrics on the quilt top flannel also? the binding must be a regular cotton due to your reference to kona. how was it to handquilt? the flannel doesn’t sound appealing to me for handquilting, but i do love flannel for quilts!
    regardless of the light, it looks bright and cheery without being too cutesy…great job!

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      Regular cotton fabrics adorn the top of this quilt, and yup, the binding is regular cotton too. What I’ve found in hand-quilting with a flannel back is that the knot at the end of my quilting thread pops through more easily than with regular cotton, but not so much that it becomes an issue. In fact, I’m hand-quilting a large throw that’s backed with flannel, and so far, so good.

      I also feel that it looks bright without being overly cutesy. Hopefully it will provide years of snuggly joy!



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