Thinking in colour (and in black and white)….

Last night’s accessories….

Quilts aren’t my only items sewn by hand; I do a fair amount of mending, mostly on jeans.  I’ve been wearing 501’s for over thirty years, and they have to be either in tatters or not longer fitting for me to throw them away.  I have several old pairs that have fallen under my needle, and last night it was time to affect some repairs.

One small purple patch amid layers of previously mended sections….

Recently I’ve used navy thread just to liven up these ancient trousers, but as I cut patches yesterday I considered all the new thread acquired over Christmas; how neat might it look to employ some of those shades?  I chose three colours, then began to pin; I use a lot of pins when mending jeans, making sure patches stay right where I put them.

Pinned within an inch of its life….

Hand-sewing quilts came easily after all the wear and tear I’ve tackled on denim over my lifetime, ha ha ha….

Snapped this collection again once my hubby turned on the light….

So excited to incorporate these new threads, I went back of this pair of jeans, finding new places in need of some patching love.  As I sewed, I kept glancing to the coffee table, admiring vibrant spools; something about colour touches me deeply, not sure why.  But equally my thoughts have been drifting to hues described in prose; I’m over a third into The Hawk Part Twelve, managing nearly three chapters of revisions most days.  Reading it on my phone is the easiest way to get a feel for just how “finished” it is; books on devices always appear polished, although not very colourful.

A plethora of bright patches!

Sometimes my life is kind of black and white, although myriad levels of gray are always prevalent.  Writing remains dormant, but novelistic notions flirt in the background, as if waiting for spring.  Daffodils are already up in our garden, and I’m hoping to return to Part Thirteen perhaps as soon as March.  I’m not in any hurry, in part that for the last two years I’ve thought the end was in sight, hah!  But when that occurs, my goodness.  It will feel….  I can’t even imagine that sensation, or what colour would describe it.  Maybe a rainbow will do justice to such an event.  Stay posted; eventually I’m going to complete The Hawk, just a matter of time.

I did finish the patching, very subtle in appearance, but I’m quite pleased.

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