The Pleasure of Being Crafty, Part One

Securing the edge before the binding is added….

The sleeping bag insert for my grandson is finished and in the dryer as I type.  I’m pleased with how the hand-quilting looks, mostly circles throughout the galaxy, with some random straight lines and meandering about along the right side fabrics.  While sewing around the perimeter with my machine, then attaching that chocolate binding, I considered how fun it was to make this for him, and how blessed I am to have sewing as a hobby.  This project was easy to produce, and will give him years of snuggly joy.

The brown binding was the perfect size, hehehe….

There’s another side to crafting, that of storytelling.  In a way, this little quilt speaks to one of The Burrito’s current faves, space travel.  (He’s also big on Superman, but I’ll leave the pop culture reference to his imagination.)  One of the reasons I write is to leave tales for my descendants, like bestowing pieces of who I am.  In future days, this comforter will remind my grandson of days when we played astronauts and various other scenarios.  He might never read one of my novels, but there will always be a quilt close at hand.

All I had left was to hand-sew the binding. Pics of the finished quilt to come….

Sewing and writing might seem nothing alike, and in part they require different skill sets.  But often I find parallels, or maybe spinning yarns is so ingrained I can’t help but note the similarities.  Words and fabrics come together in their own spheres, adhering beautiful thoughts into completed paragraphs and adorable (if I do say so myself) blankets which bring comfort, also provoke questions.  In Part Two of this post, I’ll pose a sewing query for which I require an answer.  Usually it’s a plot point leaving me stumped, but currently The Hawk is fine where it is.  One issue at a time, thank you….

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