Last thoughts for 2018

For a lovely little girl, Miss Suzi Q….

Well, not the year’s FINAL musings, but probably more apt than not.  Butte County is my childhood home, I’ve had a cold for a week, but have finished two quilts that will be Christmas gifts, so maybe it’s time to blog a wee bit.

For Grandmaster Z….

The last few months have been….  Difficult springs to mind, as well as lovely.  Confusing works, as does harrowing.  Appreciative bumps alongside uncertainty, which also applies to this blog, as I truly can’t say when or if I’ll return to it.  Writing also falls under this umbrella, which is somewhat startling; might 2019 be the first year in a dozen that I don’t craft some kind of literary tale?

The Nugget, so coined by the hospital pediatrician. I thought it was perfect, as is this chap.

Perhaps.  In the meantime, here’s my latest grandchild; The Nugget was born last month healthy and relatively happy.  We’ll see him and his big Burrito brother next week.

Little Miss and Miss Em are well; Miss Em is toddling all over, looking not so small compared to her younger cousin.

And Buttercup is fine too, lol.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a healing New Year…..

4 thoughts on “Last thoughts for 2018

  1. laura bruno lilly

    Such a relief to see your post! Reading between the lines it’s easy to figure you’ve had a time of it…
    All your granniekiddies look gorgeously loved…oh and so does Buttercup!
    About those newest finished quilts: I like the way you used single fabric blocks to surround the ninepatches – it acts like a type of border. I know it’ll sound weird, but both those quilts radiate strength IMHO.
    (BTW:sent you emails, be on the lookout as I’ve had email issues lately)
    Take care

    1. Anna Scott Graham Post author

      I made a larger version of this design for one of my aunts, and it works well for a smaller comforter. If Buttercup could get her paws on one, I know she’d approve. 😀



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