Alvin’s Farm Series

Originally set in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the 1970s, one woman changes all she meets.  When Jenny Cope arrives in the small village of Arkendale, Alvin Harris, Sam Cassel, and Tommie Smith will never be the same.

The first three novels span 1975-1981, introducing the Smith, Cassel, and Harris families.  The action jumps forward thirty-three years in the fourth book, ending in 2010 at the finale.  Love and death, betrayal and redemption are the themes, along with disabilities, addiction, medical marijuana, and a smattering of current events relating to the times.  Plentiful heartache is balanced against great joy in this six-novel family saga, written with much affection for my rural 1970s childhood and a commitment that love always dawns, no matter how bleak is the night.