Alvin’s Farm

Published as a free ebook in December 2011, this is the first of the series.

On the run for nearly half her life, Jenny Cope’s arrival in Oregon’s Willamette Valley touches all she meets. She most affects two men, one mentally challenged, the other emotionally strangled. Jenny falls in love with Alvin Harris, whose childhood tumble leaves him with few worries. Sam Cassel’s heart pounds with unrequited love for Jenny, but his lifelong friendship with Alvin precludes Sam’s advances. That and a sense of familiarity, Jenny similar to Sam’s late wife, a woman brutally murdered.

Introducing the series, this novel weaves 1970s history through the lives of Alvin, Jenny, Sam, and Tommie Smith, Alvin’s best friend. Tommie carries his own injuries while balancing Sam’s hidden feelings. When Alvin and Jenny have a child, Sam steps away. Jenny learns of one of Tommie’s burdens, a tragedy Sam also endured when his wife died. But Jenny’s past emerges, shocking Sam as she seeks his comfort, not the man she truly loves.