An Innate Sense of Recognition

Released in October 2012, this is the fifth novel of the Alvin’s Farm series.

Family loyalties are put to the test; Eric and Travis fret over Tanner, while Eric’s girlfriend Dana proves Sam and Jenny’s youngest hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Mitch’s tenure in Iraq continues as Chelsea marries, then receives the shock of her life.

While the recession begins to hit America, the Cassels and Smiths are faced with further joys and dilemmas; Will and Bethany give Sam and Jenny their first grandchild, but Eric is torn by his love for an injured young woman. Jenny’s aches grow worse, but help for her illness soothes Rachel’s heart. David finds Rachel’s new boyfriend lacking, but when a cousin’s life is on the line, David’s reckless nature triggers a crisis.

Events in Iraq add to the melancholy, but as a family gathers for various holidays, love is paramount. Then hearts are broken when one man’s revenge explodes. Will Arkendale ever be the same?