The Farm at Sam & Jenny’s

Released in September 2012, this is the fourth novel of the Alvin’s Farm series.

Twenty-three years after David Cassel’s birth, his older brother Will is a successful pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, but Will’s marriage is suffering.  Eldest Cassel sibling Chelsea longs to return to Oregon to care for their ailing mother; Jenny’s hip is the problem, but it is more than suspected arthritis?

In the fourth novel of this series, the action has moved to the 2000s, a passel of Smith and Cassels born in the interim.  Sam and Jenny’s nephew Mitch is stationed in Iraq, but their other nephew Tanner is slipping deeper into drug addiction.  Jenny fights Sam’s insistence she try pot to soothe her aches as the couple’s children return home; something is very wrong with Jenny.

The Iraq War weaves throughout the narrative, set in Oregon and San Francisco.  Robert Tucker is dying from AIDS, but is Jenny’s ailment that serious?  As Chelsea battles her feelings for Arkendale’s sheriff, Sam agonizes over his wife, who after so many years is again in harm’s way.