A Slider, Tumbling

This novel was published in October 2011, during baseball playoffs.

As the 2009 World Series approaches, Summer Caravella is more concerned with her three youngsters weathering their dad’s absence.  The Yankees and Phillies raise a diversion for Nat, Erika, and Skye Sims but their mother uses old flame Dan Bailey to ease her memories.  The Nation’s Pastime and a magical rutabaga balance hearts crushed by one man’s enduring solution.  Jody Sims has been dead for all of baseball season, but Dan Bailey edges a ghostly father from most minds.  But not all; one of Jody’s friends carries a torch for Jody’s ex-wife.  As Summer attempts to make peace with Jody’s memory, she battles falling in love with the last man to see Jody Sims alive.