Magical Realism

This style or genre is relatively new to me, yet the novel from which is springs has turned into an epic saga; The Hawk was completed in April, 2018.  Writing this tale has been a new experience, not merely for its vast scope, but in that I began revising it when I had reached approximately forty thousand words.  I continued the edits throughout the writing process, which began in October 2013.  Life interrupted the work, yet this novel wouldn’t be denied.  Initially I published Part One as another tool for revisions, and to light a flame under this author’s backside.  No better way to get a book in the can than to put some healthy pressure on the table.

Part Thirteen was recently released; I hope that if you investigate this novel, it will delight.  I plan on releasing it post-edits, probably in a three-volume manner.  In the meantime, if you have any comments, please contact me at annascottgraham at gmail dot com.