Magical Realism

This style or genre is relatively new to me, yet the novel from which is springs is rather lengthy, and growing more epic.  The Hawk currently stands at over seven hundred thousand words, and is nearly completed.  Writing this tale has been a new experience, not merely for its vast scope, but in that I began revising it when I had reached approximately forty thousand words, and have continued the edits throughout the writing process, which began in October 2013.  Life has interrupted the work, yet this novel won’t be denied.  I published Part One for two reasons; as another tool for revisions, and to light a flame under this author’s backside.  No better way to get a book in the can than to put some healthy pressure on the table.

Part Twelve was recently released; I hope that if you investigate this novel, it will delight, and whet your appetite for further additions to the series.  In the meantime, if you have any comments, please contact me at annascottgraham at gmail dot com.