For God and Country

Published in July 2012, this free ebook is a mix of sci-fi and literary fiction.

Actor Cade Walton has been imprisoned and sleep deprived for participating in a gay pride march. Cade is rescued by Drew Clemmons, a closeted doctor who spirits both to another universe where there is no such persecution. Cade suffers physically from his ordeal, but Drew shows more subtle signs of living in denial.

Long and short-term effects of torture are explored under a domed universe where both men initially revel in their freedom. Cade gets involved with a nurse, Annie, while Drew falls for Bill, a technician where the refugees landed. But Cade still can’t sleep and Drew can’t fathom the openness of this new society. As the men begin to unravel, Annie and Bill wonder if their partners can cope with their adopted surroundings and the accompanying liberty.