Quilts Etcetera

In addition to novels, I have released a collection of poetry, The Pancake That Saved Silicon Valley and other NaPoWriMo Poems 2013.


And a short story anthology, Chips Off The Block, containing all of my Top Writers Block submissions.

In 2014, I again participated in NaPoWriMo, subsequently releasing my second volume of poetry, A Quilt For Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

A Quilt For Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Then there are the quilts.  Well, one so far, which initially was for myself (no need to subject anyone else to my folly).  But my father is undergoing chemotherapy, which at times gives him severe chills.  Seeing I was making a quilt…  Anyways, Dad got the spoils, leaving me to start another, using the remnants of those fabrics.  But here is Dad’s, completed on 18 March 2014, with hopefully many more to follow.


The Scrappy Quilt was completed on 7 April, 2014, just as Silicon Valley said goodbye to spring, hello to summer.  Ah well, cooler days will return, and I’ll be snuggling under this lap quilt for many evenings, probably watching the San Francisco Giants playing baseball from the comfort of my sofa.

Freshly out of the dryer; I can't wait to start another.


The Mijos Quilt was completed on 22 April, 2014, just as Silicon Valley said welcome back cooler temps.  This quilt was initially an offshoot of the Chemo Quilt, with extra batik prints added for colour and bulk.  It’s for my eldest daughter, her husband and their basset hound, and is heavily inspired by the incarceration of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose book Letters & Papers From Prison was my Lenten reading at the time the quilt was constructed.

Washed, puckered, and waiting to be used


The Summer Comforter (or the Pretty, Big Quilt) was finished on 4 May, 2014.  Comprised of fabrics from Joanns, it hearkens back to my childhood, so says my eldest daughter.  (Her exact words were “It screams the 1970s, Mom.”)  Inexpensive fat quarters are mixed with cotton off the bolt, adding to the vintage look and feel of this tied quilt.  Backed with a queen-sized bed sheet, known for its cooling propensities, it will be used when temperatures here in the Bay Area start to sizzle.  Or whenever I need to be surrounded with prints that do recall 1975.


The Whale Quilt was completed on 8 May, 2014, for my youngest daughter.  It was a project long and short in coming, in that I’d had the fabrics cut for it for ages, but other projects kept muscling it down the quilt queue.  However, once the docket was cleared, I sewed this quilt in four days, from the time it left the quilt wall until it was washed, puckered, and blue fleecy lint removed from the darker blue/green squares.  The binding was machine-sewn, and it is very happy with its new owner, who loves it dearly.


The Pre-Washed Quilt was fashioned with some remnants left from curtain-making.  Completed on 11 June, 2014, the rest of the fabrics were bought at Joann’s and Beverly’s, some small scraps, some larger pieces.  It was backed with a cotton-poly sheet from Walmart that I used to line curtains, well, the same print, but a new sheet.  It was machine-quilted along the width of the quilt, about a quarter-inch from the ditch.


The Birthday Quilt was completed on 16 June 2014, although the quilt top was finished back in May.  The fabrics were gifts from my birthday, hence the name.  It’s a nine-patch, with Kona Rose for the sashings.  I machine-quilted it horizontally (although it’s hung the other way on my clothesline), and the binding is hand-sewn.  The back is cream and blue flannel, and while it looks more autumnal in nature, it is a springtime-based project.


The Quilt for a Former Roomie was finished on 8 July, 2014, amid The World Cup semi-final telecast.  In fact, as I hand-sewed the binding, my daughter was happily chatting with her former roomie, although I don’t think football was the subject.  This quilt is a combination of light floral fabrics with bright solids, and a scrappy binding.  It’s the kind of quilt I’d love to keep, for the varied hues, but one can only possess so many comforters.  Besides, I have a nice stack of the florals left, in which another quilt will be fashioned, hehehe…


Scrappy’s Big Sister came about because my Scrappy Quilt just wasn’t long enough.  The fabrics are from my summer duvets, and the Former Roomie Quilt, plus some vibrant green I bought at Walmart.  I sewed the rows back in mid-May, but they lingered on the quilt wall for several weeks, until during the World Cup I put the whole thing together.  Being it’s a lap-sized quilt, it didn’t take long, although the batting was also pieced together, along with the backing and binding.  On 9 July, 2014, it was finished, and four days later I gave it to my eldest daughter, who had admired the rows soon after they landed on the quilt wall.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than making, then giving away, a quilt!


On 4 August 2014, I finished the Brother-In-Law Quilt, for my brother-in-law.  Nearly all of the fabrics were from shirts he wore, the backing was a flannel sheet I had tucked away, and the binding is a poly-cotton blend of camo material that was sixty inches in length, and when supplemented with a strip from the camo in the quilt, just enough to sew around the perimeter.  This quilt is one of those that came together over a somewhat long-ish period of time, yet it feels like it’s been a completed quilt for decades, due to the well-laundered nature of the fabrics.


A Family of Quilts was completed on 18 September, 2014; this project is a group of five coordinating comforters starting with a quilt for eighteen-month-old Ritchie.  Ritchie’s two sisters, his mom and dad all have a quilt as well, strips quilts for the girls, patchwork for Mom and Dad.  The kids’ quilts were backed in fleece and flannel, the parents’ in cotton.  More about these quilts can be found here.


A quilt for Little Miss A was completed on 24 September, 2014.  This wasn’t my initial baby quilt, but it did get photographed first, so here it is.  Backed with delightful antique-looking cotton, this blanket is for the niece of a very good friend.  Little Miss A will be a younger sister, and it’s good for subsequent siblings to have something special.  This quilt was a treat to make; besides the backing fabric, I love the whale print, and the owl.  Stitched in the ditch, I hope this blanket becomes Miss A’s favourite.


A quilt for Master Z was also finished on 24 September 2014, but I didn’t need to photograph it immediately, so here it is.  For my first grandchild, this quilt was requested in shades of royal and light blue, and white.  I used Kona snow, which makes the quilt look softer.  I found a few fabrics that coordinated; the octopus and the submarine prints were bought at separate times, but clearly belong together.  This quilt is backed with light blue flannel, and bound with royal blue Kona, which is included in the quilt top.  Looking forward to cuddling that grandson in this very special comforter!


On 29 September, 2014, I completed the mate to Master Z’s quilt; one for his mum.  That young woman is my youngest daughter’s best friend, and has been patiently awaiting this quilt since before she knew she was expecting.  Vibrant hues are offset by Kona snow, backed with a Disney princess motif, bound with more Kona in light blue that blends with the shades on the backing fabric.  This was stitched in the ditch, as was Master Z’s.  I love how this looks, especially in the bright sunshine.  Can’t wait to give it to her, as well as the one for the baby.


On 26 October, 2014, I finished a quilt for a Bestie Far Away.  Comprised mostly of batiks, this comforter is bordered with Kona ash, measuring about sixty-eight by seventy-six inches.  It’s backed with lilac flannel, stitched in the ditch, but not through the sashes.  I love the vibrant hues, and how they are framed by the sashes.  I had been saving these fabrics since spring, for the owner’s autumn birthday.  Now these bright shades can warm her through winter, and into the coming year.


5 November, 2014 saw the completion of my eldest daughter’s birthday quilt.  This blanket was made in slight conjunction with the previous quilt, sharing one fabric, as well as constructed for those young women’s birthdays.  This comforter is comprised of blues, browns, and creams, in a viney-floral theme.  Stitched in the ditch, it’s backed with a marble-like blue flannel, and is large enough for a queen-sized bed.  And it’s very Buttercup-friendly, although not for her assorted toys, especially not an icky bone.  Buttercup will just have to go somewhere else to gnaw on that.


This quilt for my godchild was completed late in November, 2014.  It’s her Christmas present, was stitched in the ditch, and is approximately sixty by sixty inches, backed with blue cotton.  In addition, I whipped up a coordinating doll quilt, about fifteen by twenty-two inches.  I had meant to use flannel as the batting, but instead I used the same Pellon batting, so the doll quilt is about as thick as the big comforter.  I use a 1/16 loft, so it’s a relatively light quilt.  My godchild lives in the southeast, so a heavy quilt wasn’t considered, just warm blues, aquas, and periwinkles to match her bedding.


That completes my first year’s worth of quilts.  To see more, check out the blog…