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50 Years Waiting

50 Years Waiting

Today I released a short story: “50 Years Waiting” is my foray into the world of smaller tales, although it is a pleasant eleven thousand words.  Originally I was going to flesh it out as a novel-length manuscript, but last summer I was encouraged by Suzy Stewart Dubot to try writing a short story.  This novella, if you will, is affectionately dedicated to Suzy, for her gentle arm-twisting, and was first released within the Why Me? collection by Top Writers Block.

So, why a short story?  Well, for one thing, I have more plots than I could shake a stick at.  This idea seemed suited to a more compact delivery, and once I started writing, the saga tumbled forth over several evenings last summer, when my husband was away on business.  What better way to kill time than by spinning a yarn?

Not that Andrea is bored; on her seventy-second birthday, she celebrates with family, worming her way out of joining her daughters on errands by saying she’s going fishing.  She has no plans to do anything of the sort, yet, an even bigger surprise awaits.  Andrea’s party is broken up by an old flame, yet that man, previously ten years her senior, has not aged a day since she last saw him, five decades in the past.  Thom Sugerman is still thirty-two, baffling himself, Andrea, and her grandchildren, who are just a bit younger than Thom.  How Thom managed to stay so young is one query.  The other causes Andrea great consternation; how could he still be in love with her with so many years passed in the interim?

Writing this tale, I pondered just how love remains, not for Thom, but a woman who suffered his disappearance, then married, raising a family.  A widow for ten years, now Andrea faces a lover never forgotten, also unchanged from when she last saw him.  How Thom slipped through time isn’t half of Andrea’s problems; her eldest grandson Justin harbors deep suspicions, as does his sister Laurel, who is a ringer for her grandmother as Thom remembers Andrea.  Yet, Thom only has eyes for one woman; he doesn’t see Andrea’s age spots and wrinkles, but her memorable smile and familiar hands.  Thom sees Andrea, or Andy, as he always called her, as the woman he loved, then somehow lost.  Andrea is baffled by that far more than how in the world he has shown up at her door.

Next week I’ll be taking off some time, and hopefully not losing any of it; a belated anniversary holiday is in the works that will see no writing, but probably some plotting.  And perhaps a wee bit of blogging, if something intriguing occurs.  I am in need of some days with just the hubby in warm climes amid our second favourite sport; football is long over, but baseball season looms.  If I happen to snag a moment with Angel Pagan, Marco Scutaro, or any other San Francisco Giant, I’ll post the evidence here.  In the meantime  if “50 Years Waiting” catches your fancy, head over to Smashwords and download your free copy.  This short story won’t be distributed via other online retailers, but is available in all ebook formats, so no matter what ereader tickles your fancy, “50 Years Waiting” is waiting for you.