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Desert photos….

Been back nearly a week, but there’s been little time to process photos, much less blog about them.  Spent the last few days helping my youngest while she took finals, and while I adore my grandson, The Burrito will have to wait, as these shots of southern New Mexico demand my attention.

This was from the tenth, a night with a full moon, which wasn’t exactly conducive to viewing the Milky Way.  But my trip to Las Cruces wasn’t merely about capturing the stars.

I found a great peace in vast blue skies and endless (nearly) empty land, such a tonic from my usual city existence.  My ears are so attuned to traffic, but out here soothing silence reigned.

Snapping one of my hosts, who excels in these evening settings, all her gear ready for a night of magic.

The wind was blowy, but I was enamored of how clear was the view, how massive was the sky, how far from civilization we were.  In the desert, everyday life disappears; all that matters is simplicity.

That and keeping an eye out for critters and cow pies.  I was successful on both counts!

An amazing sunset, but that was merely the beginning of our evening….