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A Bright Baby Quilt

Sunny view, amid a blustery morning….

While we’re still waiting for Lil’ Sis’ arrival, another bambina is in my thoughts, due in a month’s time.  This little quilt is for that girl, whose mum is a good friend of my youngest daughter.  I completed the hand-quilting a couple of days ago, washing it last night.  It’s very soft yet vivid, perfect for these short days right before the winter solstice, and of course for many years to come.

A more subdued view….

I like me some floral prints, and this blanket is chock-full of them.  I included fabrics decorated with bees, then backed it with an adorable hedgehog flannel I found at Joanns.  It’s bound in Kona Orchid, coordinating with purples scattered amid the hues, also a calm spot in an otherwise busy collections of prints.

Butterflies and bees add to the outdoorsy nature of this comforter.

I’d been collecting these fabrics for a while, and once I knew the gender, went all out for this quilt.  I like how the dark purple pops, as well as the dark pink and the orange.

So dang cute!

As soon as I saw the hedgehogs, I had my backing.  These little creatures were prevalent in England, and are perfect for this quilt.  I still have over a yard, for future projects.

I have some burp cloths ready as well, so fun to add to a couple’s joy.  Plus it reminds me of the nieta that will be joining my family soon, many blessings all round.  Now to pop it in the post, then get to a Christmas quilt, nine rows left to sew….

Bittersweet Patchwork

I have a confession; to me, few things in this life are more mundane and maddening than sewing squares of fabric into rows.  I’d been quilting for over a year when I realized this, but fortunately I was already considering improv quilting, so instead of losing my mind, I breathed new life into my sewing and lived happily ever after.

Okay, not ever-after, but in the last fifteen months, my adventures in quilting have become less bound by patchwork and far more satisfying.  Having said that, here’s a finished quilt top, basted no less, and yup, it’s patchwork.

Squares that are a Christmas Gift not a Christmas Quilt have been hanging on the wall for a while, then on Sunday I sewed together those fifteen rows, which ironically I love doing.  If someone would sew the squares into rows, I’d gladly do the rest.

I thought about this as I built those rows into a cohesive quilt top; there’s the magic of it coming together of course.  But I love nesting the seams, I like ironing, then observing how many corners are spot-on.  Those that aren’t add their own unique mark, for nothing in this life is perfect, not sewing improv or traditionally.  Both have their merits and niggles.

The back is just half-yard cuts of Kona fabrics with small pieces filling the gaps.  I wanted a contrast to the front, and I plan to hand-quilt diagonally in gray thread.

The back is just half-yard cuts of Kona fabrics with small pieces filling the gaps. I wanted a contrast to the front, and plan to hand-quilt diagonally in gray thread.

I chose patchwork for this gift because it was a simple way to go, and it’s for a child.  My nephew isn’t going to admire fancy techniques; hopefully he’ll like the fabrics, a camping theme roughly explored amid the cottons.  What I learned is how valuable are a variety of skills, even if some drive me a bit batty.

Waiting for me to finish this post....

Waiting for me to finish this post….

The best part about prepping this project for the hand-quilting is that I’ve come down with a slight cold, and there’s little brain power required to sit on the sofa and run a needle through a quilt sandwich.  I didn’t even write today, no intellect to fashion more than letters to loved ones and this post.  However, I’ll spend much of this afternoon on the couch pondering the Snyders and Aherns, Marek, Laurie, and Stanford, giving thanks that I finally figured out what to do with Wilma Gordon’s chocolate cake recipe.  There’s a time for all things, from patchwork to plot twists.  All of matter of appreciating how life shakes out.

A Christmas Gift, Not a Christmas Quilt….

There is a distinct difference, for this blanket can be used for much of the year, and if one goes camping, as the theme subtly suggests, then it will be a year-round quilt.  I love not camping, but I think my nephew, the eventual recipient, might have more affection for that outdoor pastime.

I considered adding some yellow or orange, but didn't have an appropriate shade handy.

I considered adding some yellow or orange, but didn’t have an appropriate shade handy.

It’s definitely autumn now, not that we’ve had rain, but cooler, shorter days are the norm.  I’ve been up to my ears in machine quilting and hand-binding, so it was lovely to throw squares on the quilt wall, seeing what developed.  It hearkens to writing, which is just around the corner, in that arranging squares feels like fabricating (hehehe) storylines.  I just started revisions on the last section of The Hawk, and if all goes relatively well, I’ll dive back into the telling of that tale come October.

(Oh my goodness, that’s pretty darn amazing, let me just say.  It’s as if The End waits on the horizon like the city of Oz.  I just have to negotiate a rather overgrown field of poppies to reach it.)

I love the details in the camping square, down to the boombox, lol!

I love the details in the camping square, down to the boombox, lol!

Ahem, back to sewing….  But truthfully I don’t separate my passions all that much.  One requires a certain level of cerebral concentration, the other provides an outlet for less fettered machinations.  Together they bring to my life a gorgeous cohesiveness, words and fibres making up the tapestry of my being.  I give away sewn treasures like I hand over novels, or novels-in-progress.  Very few of these creations are for me to keep; they do little good piling up on my sofa or in a hard drive.

I have no idea with what I'll back this, or a binding.  It's like figuring out plot lines as the characters dictate.

I have no idea with what I’ll back this, or a binding. It’s like figuring out plot lines as the characters dictate.

And perhaps that’s the best part of artistry.  Giving is far better than receiving, be it comfort under a quilt or empathy within a story.  A few other Christmas-themed projects await my attention, but once I start writing, The Hawk will possess my main focus.  About all I will be good for is machine quilting, hand-binding, or some hand-quilting if there’s time.  Yet time will emerge for all these wonders to occur.  I simply need to keep the faith, have another cuppa, and let the blessings flow.  That’s all this life is truly about.