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Novels and Whole Cloth Quilting

Taken on the sunny day….

Over the weekend I finished reading through The Hawk Part Twelve.  For the first time since releasing this saga in installments, I found no typos which required me to upload a new version onto Smashwords.  Now, that’s not to say there are no typos, hehehe, only none that were so glaring as to catch my attention.  That’s also not implying I didn’t make changes within that section of the manuscript.  I *always* find something to tweak, but unless it’s an obvious grammatical error, I leave these beta releases alone.  Otherwise I’d be forever updating various sections with each round of overall edits that occur.

Snapped this morning; I love how the circles show on the fleece.

As I read through Part Twelve, I was struck at how this behemoth has evolved, each part like its own story.  The Hawk is one cohesive tale, but every section has its priorities.  Today I pulled out Part Thirteen, amazed that so much was already written, over 28K!  I never meant for this book to be so involved, or maybe convoluted is a better term to describe it, ha ha, um, yeah.  For better or worse, The Hawk is what it has become, and is still turning into, and I’m eager to return to fashioning prose.  I’ll deal with The End once I get there.

Cloudy day shot, I believe. Again, the galaxies show up on the back as well as the front.

Along the way, I have completed the sleeping bag insert for my grandson, although getting proper photos of it has been nearly as complicated as writing The Hawk; one day there wasn’t enough sun, another day too many shadows intruded.  This morning I snapped a few more shots, which seem to be acceptable.  In the interim I’ve discovered the notion of whole cloth quilting, then found I’d dabbled with it right in making this project!

This print was just too adorable to slice, definitely lending itself to whole cloth quilting.  I’m also very pleased with the espresso binding….

That realization is sort of how I feel about my fiction WIP; meandering along, I’ve spent the last three-plus years honing my authorial skills, gaining lessons in patience as well as sharpening my abuela senses.  Just days ago I was pottering about various quilt-making websites, coming across whole cloth quilting, then BAM there it is, draped right over my sofa, dude!  The purpose to whole cloth quilt this insert was in part due to not wanting to cut up this awesome print, but also to quickly produce this piece in time for a three-year-old’s birthday.  Now I have plentiful notions to consider about what I’d like to next quilt in this style, maybe a similar insert for Little Miss.  We were speaking about her cousin’s upcoming birthday, and when I mentioned what I’d made him, she said, “What about mine?”  I smiled, noting it wasn’t her birthday yet.

I can’t wait to see what The Burrito thinks of his new blanket!

Toddlers don’t miss a trick while this grandma is trying to stay ahead of the game, and when it comes to whole cloth quilting, perhaps I am a little more in the know than I realized.  As for The Hawk….  It’s been months since I worked on it, so the next few weeks will be spent reacquainting myself with current plot lines.  But the end is so clear in my mind, it’s as if I’m already there.  Then one day I’ll be done with it, revising for typos’ sakes, as if whole cloth quilting, removing erroneous commas akin to continuous stitching over seamless fabric, or something like that.  Writing and sewing might seem unrelated, but to me they go hand in hand, or I use my hands for both tasks, or….  The Hawk is like whole cloth quilting, even if it’s broken into sections; it’s one long story brokered by many stitches along the way.